Stasa hanging out with Rodin’s The Thinker at the WAG.

Stasa Veroukis-Regina Announced as Project Manager

December 23, 2016

As Canada gets ready for the launch of a year of celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Confederation, the Winnipeg Art Gallery is pleased to announce that Stasa Veroukis-Regina has been selected as Project Manager for ART EXPRESS’D/ART EXPRIMÉ. Stasa was previously part of a busy marketing team at Stantec, managing a variety of projects for marketing, promotions, and business development. Stasa also spent four years living and working in London and Cardiff, in the United Kingdom. While overseas, she worked for the Wildfowl and Wetlands trust as Marketing Manager, and at the Environment Agency where she managed the campaign and events for World Environment Day for Wales. Perfect for spreading the word about ART EXPRESS’D, Stasa has represented numerous organizations on CTV, CBC, Odyssey Television Network, the Evening Standard, and National Geographic Online, and her writing has appeared in various publications, including The HUB, and Welsh Country Magazine.

Stasa is passionate about her community and actively supports organizations she believes in. She has served three years as a Member of the Board for the Greek Community of Winnipeg, and has volunteered her skills on numerous committees including the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s Gala Committee and the WAG’s Development Committee for the monumental Olympus exhibition.

We sat down with Stasa to learn more about what inspired her to get involved with ART EXPRESS’D…

What is the most exciting part of ART EXPRESS’D for you?
Reaching out to Canadians of all ages to create art in so many communities across the country is very exciting to me. I love the idea of the shipping containers becoming like travelling art studios or galleries. It’s almost like we can pick up the WAG and bring it across Canada.

What is the biggest challenge you anticipate for this project?
The logistical challenges trying to get three artists and three shipping containers to 15 locations might become complicated. The sheer distances between our stops means we have to be extra careful with our timing to make sure we are in each community for the exact dates we are meant to be there! We have a great partner, Locher Evers, a shipping and transport company, which will provide lots of help in this area.

What are you looking forward to most?
Seeing all the art that is produced on the journey – all the ideas, the hopes, and the visions that people wish to see for Canada in the next 150 years. I think it will be incredibly inspirational. I’m also hoping to take part in the art-making! After all the planning and organizing it will be a real treat to create a piece as part of the project.

How do you picture Canada in the next 150 years?
I see Canada continuing to be a place of hope. Canada is home to very diverse individuals, but I think one thing that connects many people is that Canada is a place of hope. As a first generation Canadian I grew up with the idea that Canada was a place that welcomed new cultures. All of my family members chose to come here and start a new life. Yet as Greeks we were still able to retain our own history and culture within life in Canada – this is very important to those seeking a new country. I see that happening still for people from all parts of the world. My vision is for Canada to continue that hope and create a country where there is a safe space for everyone.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @stasavee for updates on Canada 150 ART EXPRESS’D / ART EXPRIMÉ and her general musings on life.