Postcard from Notre Dame de Lourdes

August 25, 2017

C’est si Bon!

It was so lovely to be in a rural French community, of almost 700 inhabitants in southern Manitoba. I was situated in the centre of town in a park/campground, under a canopy of large old oak trees. It was a hot week, but the evenings were some of the prettiest I have seen, with the open field sunsets and the breeze to cool off the heat of the day.

Notre Dame de Lourdes is situated in the RM of Lorne, rolling hills of the Pembina Valley and windmills landmark the region. I met with several groups; Seniors, Aspin Winds, a day program for adults with special needs, the daycare in town, and children and adults signed up though the Lorne Recreation District. We also had many drop-ins over the weekend.

I had a great time using my French and creating with this community. Come to Nuit Blanche on September 30 to see what we did!