Postcard from Lethbridge

July 21

Artist, Becky Thiessen was in Lethbridge, AB for ART EXPRESS’D / ART EXPRIMÉ from July 14 – 17 and had a great time at CASA!

“I was hosted by CASA, which is an interdisciplinary community arts centre, located in downtown Lethbridge.

I had never been to Lethbridge and was pleasantly surprised to find a very open and welcoming arts community.

Various community groups, families and youth came to make art with me. Everyone was enthusiastic to learn something new and engage in my art making process. Young and old created. They take home a tote bag of their print and I get to keep their stencil. I am accumulating an incredibly diverse and amazing collection of stencils. The stencils pay it forward. It is a very “give and take” process. Something for me, something for you, something for the public to view. I am always so intrigued to see who gravitates to the stencils made from the previous group.

I make art out of the stencils that I collect from the participants – and this will be exhibited inside the shipping container along the way, and then finally at Nuit Blanche at the end of September in Winnipeg.”