Postcard from Joliette

August 2

Artist Evin Collis was in Joliette, QB for ART EXPRESS’D / ART EXPRIMÉ

It was a thorough pleasure to work in Joliette, QC at the exceptional Musée d’art de Joliette facing the Assomption River. For five days inside the beautiful museum we collaborated on building a great papier mâché flamboyant flamingo-preying mantis-giraffe- alien creature with a giant flower companion and a great series of stop-motion animations. There was a great, dedicated turn out and participants came from Joliette, Montréal and many of the surrounding communities to join in the art making workshops. There was a great energy from the many children at the Museum’s day camp that all came and participated.

Joliette is a very interesting, beautiful and culturally vibrant community and I felt warmly welcomed and genuinely had a great experience collaborating with the community on the ART EXPRESS’D/ ART EXPRIMÉ project. The Museum is a treasure and I highly encourage all who are in the vicinity to make a trip to visit this stunning and engaging museum.

A great thank you to the Musée d’art de Joliette and the wonderful community for hosting us and making out stay a success!