Postcard from Halifax

June 30, 2017

On Wednesday, June 21, we began the day in Halifax on the traditional Mi’kmaq territory by the sea for the National Aboriginal Day Live celebrations. It was a sunny day and we had around 200 people visit the mobile art studio and participate throughout the day. Three separate art stations were created – one to create colourful murals for the inside of the container, another station for stop-motion animations, and one station to work on the papier-mâché Halgonian creature that would join the others we have already made so far across this journey.

On Thursday, we had the opportunity to work with Youth Net in the North End of Halifax. We created animations together and we put the last details on our character of the papier-mâché Halgonian.

On Friday, we visited an elementary immersion school in Lower Sackville. The children painted a mural on the panels for the interior of the container and sculptures of papier-mâché were constructed. It was a fun day.

Many thanks to all of you and we will go to Charlottetown next week to continue the on the ART EXPRESS’D journey!