Postcard from Churchill

August 4

Artist Jessie Buchanan was in Churchill for ART EXPRESS’D / ART EXPRIMÉ!

Made it to Churchill, Manitoba!

I went on a mini tour the second I arrived. The rocks here are extraordinary! I am excited to meet the locals and see all the beauty this place has to offer. Also excited to get painting!

Churchill smells of the sea and everywhere you go you see water. The beluga whales and polar bears are such a huge part of the community here. I have heard so many stories of bear and whale encounters already. The town is filled with murals that reflect the community and local ancestries which include Inuit, Dene and Cree peoples. Today’s first day of workshops was such a success. I met so many great artists and had fun doing the community mural with the kids. I started the adult workshop with a healing smudging ceremony against the backdrop of this landscape. Parks Canada has been such a huge help and such a joy to work with. They have taken it upon themselves to show me the sights. So excited for the rest of the stay in inspiring and beautiful Churchill!