Selected from dozens of applications from across Canada, we are pleased to announce Jessie Buchanan, Evin Collis, and Becky Thiessen as the artists travelling with ART EXPRESS’D/ART EXPRIMÉ. Each artist will connect people all over the country by creating art with communities along the way.

Jessie BuchananNorth to South Route

Jessie Buchanan’s ART EXPRESS’D project, Voices of the Landscape, will reflect the spiritual geography of the vast, northern Canadian landscape, found in both urban and natural spaces. She will explore the connections in each of the locations visited on the tour. From townscape to mountain and stream, the mobile art studio itself will come to represent Canada in the north. Working with Jessie, you will create acrylic paintings in response to questions: “How do you understand yourself as a Canadian?” and “Do you feel connected with your land and/or environment?”

Jessie lives and works in Guelph, Ontario. A member of Aamjiwnaang First Nation, Jessie is inspired both by her Anishinabe (Ojibway) heritage and by her Euro-Canadian ancestry. Her paintings are guided by the Woodland style and by the work of Emily Carr, Daphne Odjig, Nathalie Parenteau, and Ted Harrison, as well as the landscapes of Lake Superior, the Yukon Territory, Algonquin Provincial Park, and around Guelph. A spiritual connection to the land drives Jessie’s work. She holds a post-graduate diploma from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute (2016), and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Algoma University (2010).

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Evin CollisEast to West Route

During ART EXPRESS’D, Evin Collis will lead you to collectively transform the mobile art studio into a raucous, whimsical rail car by creating and animating the travelling Voyageur Express. A medley of characters will be built from papier mâché that can embody anyone or anything on a cross-Canada railroad journey. Evin will compile animations and images of drawings, paintings, photographs, and words he collects that are synchronized with audio recordings of participants’ ideas, stories, poems, songs, and anecdotes.

Evin is a multi-disciplinary artist and art educator from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He creates paintings, drawings, sculptures, and stop-motion animations that investigate the complexities of history, identity, survival, and the degraded landscape. Much of his fascination with these subjects stems from his past experiences as a porter on the Canadian trans-continental railroad, and while working as an interpreter at a historical Hudson’s Bay Company trading fort. He holds a Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2016), and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the OCAD University (2010).

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Becky ThiessenWest to East Route

Becky Thiessen’s vision for ART EXPRESS’D is to connect communities using handmade stencils designed and created by the people she meets. Stencils will feature themes of cultural and ethnic identity, Canadian landscape, local animals, and vegetation. Working with Becky, you will have the opportunity to design your own stencil symbolic to your language, identity, and passions. A collection of images will accumulate as the project travels across the country, with each community sharing their stencils and images with the next.

Becky experiments through painting, drawing, textiles, assemblage, sculpture, and digital media. Her inspiration often comes from the enthusiasm of children in the communities in which she works. Becky has collaborated on large-scale group works with Art City Inc, Graffiti Art Programming Inc, The North End Arts Centre, and Art From the Heart. She has a certificate in cabinet and woodworking from Red River College (2013) and a certificate from September Harvest Moon Society in Permaculture Design (2011). Becky participated in Mentoring Art for Women Artists’ Foundation Mentorship Program with KC Adams (2009), and holds a Bachelor of Human Ecology from the University of Manitoba (2005).

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Postcard from Notre Dame de Lourdes

Postcard from Notre Dame de Lourdes

Postcard from Notre Dame de Lourdes

August 25, 2017

C’est si Bon!

It was so lovely to be in a rural French community, of almost 700 inhabitants in southern Manitoba. I was situated in the centre of town in a park/campground, under a canopy of large old oak trees. It was a hot week, but the evenings were some of the prettiest I have seen, with the open field sunsets and the breeze to cool off the heat of the day.

Notre Dame de Lourdes is situated in the RM of Lorne, rolling hills of the Pembina Valley and windmills landmark the region. I met with several groups; Seniors, Aspin Winds, a day program for adults with special needs, the daycare in town, and children and adults signed up though the Lorne Recreation District. We also had many drop-ins over the weekend.

I had a great time using my French and creating with this community. Come to Nuit Blanche on September 30 to see what we did!


Postcard from Saskatoon

Postcard from Saskatoon

Postcard from Saskatoon

August 25, 2017

Saskatoon was a special place for me to visit, it holds much family history and pieces of me. Art Express’d was set up at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm, a large park on the east side of town, a favourite place of my grandmother’s long before I came around. The park was a lovely place to be with picnicking families and children all around. Many newcomers filled the park with celebration and I imagined my grandmother and her family celebrating; as they were also newcomers at that time.

I love to see families engaging in the art making process; parents allowing their children to explore and experiment without too much guidance, and then the moments of release when the parent delves into their own piece, remembering what it was like to create. I’m always encouraging experimentation, mistake making and learning from the process.


Postcard from Baker Lake

Postcard from Baker Lake

Postcard from Baker Lake

August 25, 2017

Purchased an original Becky Okatsiak while stopping over in Rankin Inlet. Beautiful contemporary Inuit artwork! So happy I can bring this gorgeous piece home! So happy to have met her and her artist father, Noah Tiktak. Thanks for sharing your beautiful knowledge with me and taking me out on the quad!

I am so excited to be in Baker Lake and hanging out with the folks at the Jessie Oonark Arts and Crafts Centre. Jessie Oonark was a beautifully talented Inuit printmaker and it is such a privilege to be running the Art Express’d workshops out of this space dedicated to her.

We had some great workshops in Baker Lake, Nunavut. These girls were a blast! The Jessie Oonark Arts and Crafts Centre is a place full of working studios that use printmaking, silk screening, carving, embroidery, jewelry-making and so much more! So lucky to be able to run workshops here!

I have learned so much on Art Express’d I don’t know where to begin! I am still learning much wisdom here in Baker Lake, Nunavut. I feel so lucky to be here and I spent some time with local artist and Inuit Elder, Jessie Kenalogak, during my workshop at the Jessie Oonark Arts and Crafts Centre. She remembers growing up in an igloo and travelling by dog sled as a child. Her piece, “Walking for Survival” is a reflection on the difficulties of living a nomadic lifestyle. Quanani.

Some beautiful paintings from the Art Express’d studio have been created in Baker Lake, Nunavut! (From top left to right) Ruth Burrill, Angela Cook, Ruth Burrill & Jessie Kenalogak.

Quanini (Inuktitut)
Miigwetch (Ojibway)




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